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CORE Transport Technologies Announces Major Upgrade of its Bluetooth Air Cargo Tracking System

 GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CORE Transport Technologies (CORE), announces the deployment of the latest upgrade to its COREInsight Bluetooth ® Tracking. This news is made on the eve of the annual global symposium “ULD CARE,” held in Guangzhou, attended by numerous airlines leaders and suppliers from all over the world.

CORE has already implemented over 800 readers and 20,000 tags and is rapidly expanding. This latest upgrade reflects CORE’s experience with this initial deployment phase. In this upgrade, CORE is implementing a Bluetooth® Low Energy resilient mesh network, incorporating military grade security, which can support hundreds of low-cost nodes (“relays”) over a very large area. The nodes can relay messages over multiple nodes to the nearest cellular gateway (“readers”) making the network totally resilient to hardware or cellular failures.

This equipment is using Bluetooth® Low Energy hardware and software. An initial operational deployment will begin in the week 15th October 2018.

The combination of Bluetooth® Low Energy hardware and software provides enhanced performance:

  1. Speed – Improvement by two times. Twice as fast.
  2. Range – Increased by four times, from 100 – 120 meters to 400-500 meters
  3. Payload Capacity – Increased by eight times

Existing readers and tags can be integrated into the mesh by software utilizing over the air updates: no need to pull devices from service. A fast and easy transition to the new technology. Existing equipment will acquire the benefits of range and speed through the Bluetooth® Low Energy relays.

In addition to theBluetooth® Low Energy mesh upgrade release, CORE announced they can now achieve further enhancements to COREInsight Bluetooth Tracking, including:

Localization: Mesh tags are read by multiple relays and the signal strength is recorded for each and forwarded automatically to a reader or another relay. This extends the reach of the readers, and gives better localization of ULDs and other assets at no additional cost to customers. Ian Craig, CEO of CORE, said: “Now we can achieve highly optimal coverage as well better specific localization, two things our Airline Customers have requested.”

Waterproof Solar Powered Relay: Supplementing readers in warehouses and cargo centers with weatherproof units is a major leap forward. Solar powered readers provide the largest gain in tracking technology, taking the data collection device to the tag itself.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh Enabled Readers: the CORE readers can now share data amongst each other should cellular communications become inadequate. The readers are able to talk to each other to ensure uninterrupted data flow as Tag events are logged.

Ian Craig continued, “We’ve been preparing for today for a long time. While we introduced a Bluetooth tracking system to the world in 2016, today we have reached a new milestone in the COREInsight Bluetooth Tracking product line – Bluetooth® Low Energy5.0, Relay Enhancement, Bluetooth® Low Energy Mesh Readers – all of these together create a sound and successful system to enrich our Customers’ tracking experience.”

Steve Townes, CEO of ACL Airshop, CORE’s worldwide expansion partner in this effort, said “CORE’s patented Bluetooth applications for the air cargo industry are a game changer for airlines and their shipper customers. Now implementing with a number of forward-thinking airlines, including one of the world’s Top Ten, this latest technology upgrade from CORE can yield new competitive advantages and logistics efficiencies for airlines.”