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Driving Innovation for Our Valued Customers

CORE Transport Technologies has more than a decade of worldwide experience providing data services to commercial manufacturing and suppliers, airlines, maritime and surface transport providers, global freight forwarders, parcel and post providers, and third-party logistics companies.

CORE has been providing various transport technology support for almost two decades. Our experienced staff provides customers with knowledgeably prepared solutions that take off-the-shelf solutions and customize them for the particular customer needs. We have continually provided our customers with API analytics and Big Data solutions.

The Future is Now

CORE’s view is that our innovative tracking technology is unique and widely applicable to many industries and logistical chain suppliers around the world. Our goals for future expansion can be achieved by targeting new market verticals both internally to the logistics market and externally unrelated verticals. Equally, once we have established a broad network presence, CORE will develop new sensor capabilities, software, data and analytics tools to expand the value proposition and continue our aggresive growth strategy to become the global leader in tracking technologies and logistics management.

We are continually developing new technologies and have a significant research and development budget as well as strategic partnerships with industry leading scientists in order to adapt to new markets and applications for our products and services. We have the ability to quickly develop custom solutions to react to new technology in response to scientific advances and evolving customer demand.

With this disruptive technology, our customers will be at the cutting edge of data analytics to produce increased revenue and reduced costs while achieving world class customer service.

Customer Perspectives

“These Bluetooth tags and readers will not only allow us to speed up cargo handling but also improve our accuracy and inventory management and help to locate any missing items. We see significant potential for this technology – it could be rolled out at airports to monitor ground service equipment, or used to manage mail shipments and eventually we would like to see it become customer facing so our cargo customers can more easily track their shipments.”

Rick Nelson

General Manager of Cargo, Air New Zealand

“We believe the new Bluetooth-enabled ULD tracking technology will be a game changer for us both, and for our end-customers.”

Emile Khasanshin

Vice President Global Operations, Silk Way West Airlines

“In today’s extended supply chain ULDs are frequently off airport, in forwarder or shipper facilities and typically not visible to the airline. BLE ULD tagging has the opportunity to dramatically change this situation, putting airline ULD controllers back in control of their ULD” click for uldcar.com article »


“This is the ultimate solution for ULD Equipment tracking available today…a positive game-changer for ACL Airshop and its hundreds of airlines clients.”

Wes Tucker

Executive Vice President, ACL Airshop

“Ready to remove time wasting physical ULD stock checks from your routines??? Look no further…BLE may turn out not to be the only solution to the long-standing problem of keeping track of ULD, but it certainly appears to be a strong contender to one of the front runners.”


“Disruptive technology-driven trends are impacting the air cargo industry and will continue to do so over the next few decades. Key trends include Bluetooth ULD tracking, connected suppliers, and digitization.”

Glen Gates

Air Commerce & Transportation Technology


COREInsight™ is a suite of supply chain applications that provides proactive insight for all transportation and asset management functions. Our family of applications and services collects data throughout the transportation process and delivers actionable intelligence to your desktop.


Real-time tracking for both transport vessel and contents, including multiple Purchase Orders. Our innovative relational tracking software provides powerful decision-making tools to improve your supply chain efficiency.

COREInsight Postal

Manage the process of moving mail from start to finish with our integrated technology that is fully compliant with all UPU and USPS standards. Increase operational efficiencies with up-to-the-minute visibility and management.


Instantly know the location and status of every ULD in your fleet on any internet enabled device. Our sophisticated software can show individual stations or even a specific ULD, ground equipment or any tagged device.



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